teach it to yourself, kids. (what happened?)

To recapitulate: I’m teaching the next unit in my honors algebra 2 class by not teaching it (well… ideally? kind of?) but rather having my students go through the book on their own with except for a guiding packet as a flotation device, along with literally every other resource that they might want except for me creating off-book lesson plans.

First of all, literally one student brought a book one time when I asked them all to bring their books to class. This is out of 36 possible times. Oh well.

Second of all, they were all very very overwhelmed with the idea of teaching the idea to themselves, but some took to the internet and some asked their parents, and many came in to let me know that it was hard, which I think is great.

I gave them a quiz after a weekend with a packet, which they would all have failed except that I made it not count. Instead, they swapped quizzes and graded each other’s afterwards, and I gotta say, they were pretty into it. Even some kids who tend not to do so well were engaged and asking tons of questions.

They are continuing to be frustrated by this 20-something year old book, but they’re definitely learning stuff. I’m also definitely doing more explanation than I wanted to do, but, hey, at least they’re spending time with the book, which they usually never do.

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