I have to teach them to my students. I feel like I’m purposely hurting them. So painful. Just shoving nonsense that they won’t need unless they study certain advanced fields of math and engineering down their throats.

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  1. marbit

    A teacher in my department sent around a clip from a recent 60 Minutes that this post reminds me of:;cbsCarousel

    Not sure if it really helps the matrices problem, but I found myself grinning slyly as I imagined the reactions of my geometry students upon hearing that manufacturing jobs require a healthy dose of trig.

    On a separate note, thanks for writing this blog. I’m also in my third year teaching math at a public high school (in Michigan), and whenever people ask me how teaching is going, my response inevitably prompts them to express dismay at my supposed cynicism. I’m not generally a cynical person, and I absolutely love 99% of my students – so it always surprises me to hear the things that come out of my mouth. I’m starting to realize that the biggest problem is the cynicism of my colleagues. So I’m looking for some new people to talk to about math – people who are as excited, optimistic, and focused on higher level thinking and engaged learning and reflection and just plain dedication to students as I am. Thanks for being one of those people.

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