Hey everybody.

Hello!  I’m Meghan!  But if you run the numbers, probably more people know me as Ms. Riling.  I’m about to go into my 3rd year teaching at a public high school outside of Boston.

I make a ton of lessons and activities and projects for my students, and a lot of it is helped along the way (usually at the very beginning, to be specific) by picking through what other teachers have done first.  So I figure I ought to put some of my things up on the internet in case it can be of use to anybody else.  Take anything you might like!

All I want is for my students to think for themselves.  When they come to some kind of problem in the world, I’d like them to come up with their own way of finding a solution and getting some information.  So that’s what we focus on in class.

I have a few reasons for starting this blog.  I think I need to force myself to reflect on what I’m doing in order to improve and be a better teacher for my estudiantes.  In addition, I think it’s great for people to share their stuff just in case somebody else might find it to be useful, even if it seems like there are already enough vegetarian cooking blogs or power pop love ballads.  My last reason for starting this blog is that it’s the summertime and so, without the daily teaching grind, I’m feeling pretty antsy and like a huge waste of a human.

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